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22 May 2015


So, today , I had my first day with my first hand at school. :) I was surrounded by people as soon as I had stepped out of the car.  it was like being a celebrity ! It was really comfy and surprisingly light. Before you knew it I was picking up pencil cases and rubbers.  :0 :) I wore it all day, apart from break, as it was really useful.  There's so much to "notice" today -  I realised how much stuff I do one handed, like; opening my desk, picking up my shoes, carrying my pencil case..(etc.).

This morning I woke up early because I was so excited - normally my mum has to wake me up but I couldn't wait to get back to my hand!  Even some parents came over who I've never met before to ask about it because their children have told them about the Lara Project.

Anyway,  Just before lunch I went to room 3 to give my hand back to Danni because it needs tightening up (which we knew yesterday) and she wanted me to show Mrs Benard who is the Head of Science.

 Sadly there were red marks where the screws had been rubbing against my hand but I hadn't felt them. Then after that we went to see Mrs Cashmore, so she came to the door and 1 boy shouted "look she's got a robotic hand", and then the whole class wanted to see it, feel it and play with it. Poor Emily,(my friend) was standing next to me with sweaty boys crowding round her.  It's really annoying that the y6 boys can't see my assembly, because they are in France.

When my dad got home he was really upset  that he couldn't see my hand, but luckily I have  a video of me jumping all around the place shouting "this is my new incredible hand".

 So that is what happened today and I can't wait till Sunday to get my hand back. BRING ON SUNDAY! :0 :)