Summer and the eleven plus has got in the way of blogging, and even though we thought about things to say quite a lot somehow we never got around to it.  We did lots over the summer but some of it I've now forgotten.... (Sorry). Hand stuff - I used my hand to do some things like playing outside but to be honest mostly I didn't have it with me when I needed it.  Tomorrow we are going to try and make apple juice and (I just thought of this) I could use my hand for apple picking. Now how cool would that be! I am not having tech lessons at the moment so do not know what is going on with D&D unfortunately. In the summer I went to Spain with my family and out there we met my godmother Jane and her daughter Sofie. They were really amazed at how my hand works and they were lost for words when we told them about the Lara Project, Techielab and what happened when the build-a-hand day arrived. Not much else has been going on in my life but I know something will soon.

I can't change the colour or font on this blog - there's a new look website and I'm working it out!