Well - last week was really, really busy but the weekend was also busy so it's taken a while to get around to typing...

Not much has changed with my hand - actually nothing - but there was loads going on last week with Channel 5 visiting school to film about the Lara Project.  I didn't know they were coming so it was quite a surprise when I came up from my GRADE 2 trumpet exam to meet my mum and be told that Channel 5 wanted to film immediately.  I was a bit  upset that  the examiner didn't notice my hand and give me an immediate distinction but she didn't!  I played really badly as well. 

So - I was allowed to bring 2 friends as the crew wanted to film some friends asking me about how my hand works.   I chose Emily and Eden so they got to hang around with me all morning as well.  First we filmed in a classroom.  The interviewer was called Warren but as I've never seen Channel 5 news I didn't recognise him.  There was also a cameraman called Johnny and another lady who came from Nigeria for work training.  They were all really nice and I wasn't nervous at all.  They asked the same questions!  I don't understand why they don't make a different story about my hand - like what everyone did on the Project Lara afternoon.  Then they wanted to film me playing my trumpet which took aaaaaages - my friends never want to hear me playing that piece again but I played it well and so I was hoping that the examiner would hear it on the telly and give me a good grade!!! Then we went outside and filmed me and Eden and Emily chatting.  By now we had been filming for 2 hours and the news piece is only supposed to be 5 mins long!  Then we wen to Lab 3 and they filmed Mrs Saffer and we had to play catch in the background. 

We got to have a try with Johnny's camera and it was really interesting and being a journalist seems like a good job but they were REALLY FUSSY about what they filmed.

It all took aaaaaaaages.   After they left we Sophie's sports day and a very late lunch and then we had to rush home to watch the news but it wasn't shown.  It then wasn't on Friday but it was finally shown on Tuesday.  After ALL THAT FILMING - it was a 5 minute piece and they got my name wrong (at least they got my age right - I'm 10!!!).   I'm really glad they finally mentioned Techielab but they didn't show any of the other hands that were made.

This has ended up being a long blog so my mum took over the typing near the top!!!