Well - it's been busy this week.  Just as everything was getting quieter we had a visit from Kent Media who wanted to do an article on my hand and the whole school project.  I made sure to stress I am 10 (I AM 10) ... after the BBC said I am 9... :(  :(

A really nice journalist called Graham came to the house and he asked me all the same questions that the BBC asked me except he was really funny and really interested in how my hand works and how a printer works.  I had to play my trumpet and then we had an arm wrestle - I won....!  Here's a picture of him interviewing me in the kitchen.  It's not normally that tidy!!! journo 2 

He made some good hand jokes - and suggested ways to do the perfect crime without leaving fingerprints!!! :):)

I got to go to school late (I missed maths) which was great.