Hi.  I've been in touch with one of the other girls who came to school to get another hand - Loen - to see if her dad managed to get her hand working because there wasn't enough time on the Build a Hand day.  I've not heard back from her yet.  It's a co-incidence because another newspaper is coming tomorrow and I broke a finger string today - luckily my mum could pop up to David and Dani and get some elastic.... she says it's way quicker than going to A & E! :) :) . Anyway tomorrow I've got another interview at our house because the Kent Messenger are coming. I'm glad they're still interested because it was fun going into  the shop to buy a paper with me on the front cover!!! :) :) :) For my music exam on Thursday I can show the examiner my new hand! (I might even get more points) and  lets hope that a finger won't break ! I also found a pen exactly the same colour as hand #1. It is quite funny to mark work in the colour of your hand :) :) (which is this colour!)

bye ! :) :) :)