It's been a busy week and I know mum, Dani and David are working hard to get everything ready for Friday.  There's a lot more to 3D hands than just printing - sewing, sticking, cutting, threading, crimping..... my mum says there are 5 other children coming in to our day who will also get a new hand.  One boy will get two.  I wonder if he'll find them really useful.  I'm looking forward to it but I may be a bit tired because we have to get up at 6.30 because BBC South East news want to come to our house at 7 IN THE MORNING to ask  me some questions about Project Lara.  They also want to come to school in the afternoon so it's all going to be manic.  I think they want to film me riding a bike so my dad has just had to pump my tyres up. 

I did my assembly to YC yesterday (Tuesday 9th June) - I felt a lot  more confident but it helped that there were less people there because Years 5,6 and 8 weren't there.  Mr Coakely said there are normally 300 boys there which would have been scary!  I quite enjoyed it but the video part didn't play. 

I had to cope without my hand today because David has found some special paint that goes on the fingers to make them grip better that he was going to put on them and my mum was going to put a better Velcro strap on.  I missed my hand - imagine your hand staying home when you're at school!! :) :)