I just wrote a long blog but then it didn't save properly.  So here's a shorter version (which my mum will type because I've already typed it out once :( ;(.

Today we had our school fair which was really good.  I was supposed to spend the time on the Techielab table showing  people how my hand works - David had a printer there to show people but he was printing key rings as printing a hand would take too long.  Loads of people have never seen a 3D printer before so we had to explain how my hand  works over and over again.  Luckily - when I got a bit bored of doing this I could just leave my hand behind and go off with my friends to explore (and buy sweets) and leave my hand with my mum and David to show people.  We had t-shirts with a picture of me and Mark (the yoga guy) on the front doing our back to back handstand.  David fixed my broken fingers in about 2 minutes - I didn't even notice!  It was a really fun day and it's cool that so many people are interested.

The new hands that Techielab are building for Friday are going to have a new kind of Velcro strap on them - so this is the first bit of new design that has happened because of me.  There are lots more ideas to come but we need to do Friday first.   

I was going to put a picture of a 3D printer here to show people what one looks like but the picture won't upload so I'll do that another day.  Bye :) ;)