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TechieLab - Urgent Techielab News

Urgent Techielab News

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Summer Camps


WEEK 1: 11 JULY - 15 JULY 

Techielab has gone all out! We will spend the week building & programming the endearing WeDo robots, creating crazy putty squishy circuits and end the week with a GIANT Lego Mindstorms Rube Goldberg Machine!!!! Your children won't want to miss out on this!

10% off early bird special- book today. Places are limited, and demand is high, so don't be disappointed.. book now (Simply click the button below).

Oh! Don't forget your NERF GUNS... for our Capture the Flag competitions at lunch :)

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Week 2: 18 July - 22 July 

Our second week of camp is open to all ages from the youngest to the oldest robot lovers. Over the course of the week, we will be programming Lego Mindstorms in 3D VIRTUAL REALITY environments. Veryyy cool stuff :)

We will also create fantastic circuits using fruit as our keys... that's right, you heard this correctly!  Ever thought you could use bananas as a piano keyboard?  Here is your chance!

Our finale will include combining our Makey Makey and Mindstorms together making our robots light up and come to life!  It will be EPIC....

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Week 3: 25 JULY - 29 JULY 

This very special week is designed for you girls only! We will light up our shoes with beautiful Neopixels, decorate our rooms with angelic solar fairy lights and use conductive thread to light up clothes and cushions.  

And yes girls, you will get to take them home! How about making and coding your own 'Dance Dance Revolution'?

You won't want to miss out on this one!  

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Week 4: 8 AUGUST - 12 AUGUST 

Our final week is going to be all things AERIAL. Week 4 brings drone technology to its bear bones.  We will build Quadcopters from scratch, adding each individual component one by one and fully understanding how they work.  

Our weekdays are divided into building, flying and coding. We will fly quads every day whether on the simulator or on smaller quads to start off with as we build our full sized quads.  You will learn how to program waypoints, understand FPV and dabble in aerial photography!  

This is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.
Open to girls and boys, no experience needed. Age 11+    

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What's trending in Dani's world...

MY Year 6 Girls and their Neopixel Masks

We had an incredible time last term designing, soldering and programming neopixel masks that light up creating fantastic effects! My year 6 group gained experience in putting together a project, breaking it down into component parts and bringing it all together with an actual end product. Well done girls for sticking with it, for overcoming stereotypes and challenging yourselves gracefully :)



What am I reading?

I'm an avid reader and ever since I took the Easter camp to visit the DaVinci exhibit the Science Museum i've become a bit obsessed with his life and his work! I strongly recommend these books if you want to understand Leonardo's Art, his Science and his mind.

I've just started the Johnson book and it is already proving to be a gem!


Our new website look

And finally.. our new look.

We have just spent some time revamping our website and making the registration process for camps even easier. Please have a look around the site and do tell all your friends about the exciting things we have on offer.
You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and follow us on Twitter.

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