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TechieLab - Half term Camps

Half term Camps

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Half term camps


Don't Miss out!

Summer holidays have just ended, but already its time to think about half term holidays. And of course, we have some great news for you! We are holding a half term camp. As a loyal subscriber, you are the first to hear about it! We will be sending out leaflets on the 23rd, so this is an early bird call to book today. Places are limited, and demand is high, so don't be disappointed.. book today (Simply click the button below).

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Summer Holidays


Excitement and Fun!

Summer camps are now behind us, and what a great time everyone had! Three Jam packed weeks of fun, excitement and creativity.

Week 1

Our first week was based on the Star Wars theme, and we had all sorts of goodies! A Lego Death Star, Ewok village, All the Star Wars characters, foo fighters, tie fighters, a Millenium Falcon, a super Star Destroyer and even a huge At-at.

Over the course of the week, the children scripted a start-stop animation film and then filmed it using the lego set and characters. 

Of course we also built robots! Lots of robots. The children learnt all about proper design, how to make them strong and stable and then went on to program them. The Grand Finale came at the end of the week when everyone competed to complete missions which their robots had to perform, from scoring goals with a small ball, to following lines and saving "slaves" from Darth Vader.
A wonderful effort was made by all the teams and a big congratulations to the winning team who won a free camp!

Week 2

The second week of camp was just as exciting, with a different theme..MineCraft.The children went crazy over all the lego Minecraft sets we had laid on for them. As in the first week, the children also made some start-stop animations and filmed them during the course of the week. 

With the Lego technics, we learnt all about building bridges and how to improve the structures. We had some budding engineers in the group who came up with the most incredible designs. We then progressed from there to building and programming robots!. Again some extremely innovative designs came out of that with a culmination in the final competition at the end of the week. Congratulations to the winning team who won some lego sets!

Week 3

Our final week was a slightly different week as it was held at our laboratory at our home. We had a smaller group so that we could concentrate on a few novel technologies. 

Our theme was again based on Minecraft, so this time we gave the children the option to choose some Minecraft characters which we then printed on our 3D printer for them to take home! We also printed some Minecraft boxes which we turned into lamps. We experimented withE-Ink to try and make the lid into the switch! Not totally successful, but we still managed to get the LED lights to light up inside the boxes. Each child could take their own box home.
We did some animations as well, which the kids loved, and of course we also had robot building and programming. This week did not have a competition as the focus of the group was slightly different than other weeks. 
That does not mean we did not have fantastic designs come out of the robot building! We even had an extremely complex conveyor belt system put together by one team!

All in all our camps were a fantastic success, and we look forward to seeing you all there at the next camps!

Camp Photos

You can view more photos of the camps on our website.

Please feel free to browse around. You can access the gallery from here:
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Lara Project

Here at TechieLab, we have had a busy few months. We have been working with Lara, a school girl who was born with only one hand. We printed a 3D prosthetic hand for her, and from there the project ballooned.

We printed 55 more prosthetic hands, and together with the help from the pupils at the School at Somerhill, helped assemble these hands, which will then all be donated to charities around the world.

The media got whiff of this and Lara and TechieLab were interviewed and appeared in the Kent newspapers, The Mail, BBC news and Channel 5 national news.  You can read all about it here
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Bionic Project

But it doesn't stop there. We are now embarking on the next phase of the project - to build a truly bionic hand which offers better dexterity and strength, and which 
will be controlled by muscle movement and mind control. All to be offered at a price substantially lower than anything on the market today. Keep abreast of our developments here
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Our new website look

And finally.. our new look.

We have just spent some time revamping our website and making the registration process for camps even easier. Please have a look around the site and do tell all your friends about the exciting things we have on offer.
You can also visit our facebook and Instagram pages and follow us on twitter.
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