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TechieLab - Bionic Project

Our new project is to take the 3D printed hands to a new level. We are designing a new hand which will mimic the human hand more closely than anything on the market today. It will include electronics and motors to make it a truly bionic hand. We will include muscle control as well as true mind control without any implants. Our aim is to offer this hand to the general public at less than £200.<br>Subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of developments. 

Our initial designs have now been completed and we are about to delve into the printing of the first prototype. We are also now investigating various types of motors to control all the finger movements. Our aim is to have silent movement, but at the same time to have a strong grip. 

Keep a look out here for updates as we progress. 

Please help keep this project going and donate to this worthy cause. If you wish to be involved in other ways, please do give us a call!