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TechieLab - 3D Printing



Lara Project
Our new exciting project has taken off with printing of prosthetic limbs for kids in need. Together with the Schools at Somerhill we printed 55 prosthetic hands which have now been sent off to various charities around the world.If you want to get involved or donate to this worthy cause, do drop us a line and we can discuss it further.Follow the story of Lara, called the Lara project here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on our new developments.

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The Bionic Project
Our new project is to take the 3D printed hands to a new level. We are designing a new hand which will mimic the human hand more closely than anything on the market today. It will include electronics and motors to make it a truly bionic hand. We will include muscle control as well as true mind control without any implants. Our aim is to offer this hand to the general public at less than £200.
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If you wish to be involved in any way, please do give us a call! You can also help us keep this project running at full speed by donating to this worthy cause..

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3D printing is the process of creating 3 dimensional objects from a digital design. Our 3d printer uses an additive process whereby new layers are added on to other layers to create a physical object. We currently print using various materials, including ABS, PLA, PLAdium, carbon Fibre, wood fill, foam, sandstone, metallic and graphene. Numerous colours and finishes are available.
We can print your projects based on your CAD designs. Simply send us the .stl files and we do the rest.

Contact us for more info and a quote.